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Organization Structure


1.Board of Directors

2.Chief Executive Officer

3.Managing Director

4.Head of Programs

5.Head of Marketing

6.Technical Staff

7.Journalists and Producers

8.Sales and Marketing Personnel

9.Admin/Human Resource

There is exponential increase in the number of stations today competing for the same audience's
attention. Other media have proliferated as well resulting in a further distraction of radio customary
Our basic idea is to air the type of programmes that will attract a sizeable number of the listeners to
satisfy the advertiser, as well as the audience. Programming is aimed at providing entertainment,
information and issues with more emphasis on Ghana and most especially issues concerning the
Western Region, specifically, the Ahanta West Municipal.
Ogya 98.3 FM offers a diverse range of content to cater for the interests and needs of the local
community including:
1. Local News and Current Affairs: Provide daily updates on local news, events, and
developments in the rural commercial area and neighboring districts.
2 Community Events Calendar: A program that highlights upcoming local events, festivals,
and activities in the area.
3. Business Spotlight: Showcases local businesses, entrepreneurs, and success stories from the
4. Farmers and Fishers Program: Provide information on local food markets, seasonal produce,
and agricultural and fishing best practices.

5. Traffic and Commuting updates: Real-time traffic reports and alternative routes for commuters

6. Weather Forecast: Regular weather updates and forecast for the region

7. Health and Wellness Tips: Feature segments on health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition.
8. Sports Coverage: Cover sports events, scores, and highlights from local and foreign teams.
9. Cultural heritage Showcase: Explore the history, traditions, and cultural heritage of the
region through interviews, stories, and music.
10. Music Shows: Offer a variety of music genres, including local artists and bands, popular hits,
and classic tunes.
11. Youth and Education Programs: Feature interviews with students, teachers, and educational
institutions in the community.
12. Environmental Awareness: Discuss environmental issues, sustainability practices, and
conservation efforts in the region.
13. Interviews and Talk Shows: Host discussions with local leaders, experts, and residents on
various topics of interest.
14. Special Events Coverage: Broadcast live from community events, fairs, fundraisers, and
celebrations in the area.
15. Ogya Morning Delight (OMD): is an educative and informative Morning show programme
aired from Monday to Friday from 6.30 am (after Peace FM morning news) to 10:30am. The
programme content focuses on educating and informing the general public on current affairs,
development issues and latest trending news and events in the locality and in the country. It
discusses various topical developmental challenges with the aim of finding appropriate
solutions to these issues. Ogya Morning Delight (OMD) hasthree (3) major segments to
educate and inform listeners on current issues trending within the country as listed and
elaborated below:
• Newspaper Headlines (From Peace FM, Accra) — this aims athighlighting topical issues
making headlines in the various newspapers to inform the citizenry of happenings in the
• Ogya Sports Titbits — This segment seeks to educate and inform the general public on
current news trending inthe various sporting activities around theWorld including football,
tennis, volleyball, hockey, golf and swimming.
• Newspaper Discussions (From Peace FM, Accra) — This aims at stakeholder-discussions
on topical and trending political, social and developmental issues thoroughly for the
citizenry to appreciate and make informed decisions and choices.
• Community Concerns Segment — This allows the general public (the indigenes) to report
critical developmental issues within their communities that need immediate attention from government and topic in authority through phone calls to further enhance developmental
•Trending Stories - This segment seeks to educate and inform the general public on current
ne»z that is trending on the various news portals and also educate the listeners.
• “Dwaso” (Market) Segment — This segment aims at promoting local businesses by,
effectively, marketing them to expand their customer base to maximize profit, viability and
sustainability through (a) Announcements, (b)Live presenter mentions (LPM) and (c)
Jingle play.

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