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The competitive landscape of radio has changed dramatically in the last few years, new radio
technologies, such as satellite and web radio, as well as music download media (MP3’s and IPOD's),
hai'e transtomied the listening environment. Yet, in the first decade ofthenew century, radio continues
to hold its own face of the many new competing audio technologies.
Radio appeals to everyone and available to all, its mobility and variety of offerings have made it the
most popular medium inhistory. To most adults, radio is as mucha part of their work; it'sa companion
that keeps almost everyone informed about theworld and local events.
MOG Media Services Limited operatesa Commercial FM station, Ogya 98.3 FM, located at Agona
Nkwanta, the capital of the Ahanta West Municipality. Its proximity to the central business district of Takoradi enhances business and trade. Agona Ahanta serves asa business and commercial hub for
almost all districts in the Western and Western North Regions of Ghana.
There aregreat economic and marketing opportunities in the media since both the private sector and
the government sectors use it asa platform to discuss their issues.
Mog Media Services Limited,a company limited by guarantee has been authorized to carry out
businesses which include Radio and Television Production. It was registered under the Company's
Code 1963 (Act 179) with certificate of Incorporation dated April 30, 2012.
The Company's Vision
Ogya 98.3 FM (under Mog Media Services Limited) envisages achieving the status as one of the most
reliable, efficient, and leading frequency modulation stations in the region. With its direCtO£S havind
extensive experience in social activities including community-related issues, linguistics and language,
the radio station stands to use their expertise to enable it achieve its vision. In view of this, it intends,
and has managed, to position itself among the top frequency modulation stations in the following areas:
• Market share in terms of meeting the demands for economic, religious, political, social and
cultural information, entertainment and education.



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